A Return to Travel?

My apologies for the long leave of absence. As many of you know, in addition to being a Luxury Travel Advisor my wife and I are also physicians. Being in the thick of it with COVID for the past several months has not left me with much time for the travel business other than to cancel and reschedule a lot of wonderful trips my clients had planned to take.
COVID probably isn’t going anywhere soon, but several things have happened recently in my own life that have brought my travel business back into focus. Firstly, in reaching a level of relative peace with the “new normal” my time has once again opened up a bit and allowed me to once again dedicate time and effort back into travel planning. Second, this “new normal” has made my family and I realize that at some level life has to go on — what I mean is that yes absolutely we need to be safe, wear masks, and socially distance, but at some point we can (according to our own personal level of “acceptable risk”) start to include back into our lives those things that we have forsaken since March.
For me, one of those things has been travel.
Recently my family and I spent several wonderful weeks at a beach house on a relatively isolated barrier island off of the coast of Florida (We also spent a few days doing other things — very carefully and considerately — that I will tell you about soon). Taking this time away, and doing so in a manner that limited risk to ourselves and others, really reinforced in my own life the curative, restorative power of travel.
Travel right now certainly is not for everyone. And I don’t / can’t as a physician advise that anyone travel right now — if you want my medical advice it has to be to stay home. But carefully considered and planned, taking into account and controlling for potential risks to yourself and others, travel can be possible. There are definitely some places that are more amenable to social distancing than others, and I will try to highlight those places over the coming days.
So if you feel that (within your own acceptable level of risk) you are ready to start traveling again, I am here to help.
More importantly, it has been shown that just the planning of a trip can reduce stress. COVID won’t be here forever, and many travelers are looking ahead to 2021 and beyond. Planning a future trip can give us hope, dreams, and a light at the end of the tunnel.
I can’t wait to help you start traveling again. Here’s to keeping the dream alive.

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